Lord Street Artworks

Artwork for Lord Street Gardens has been designed by artists Kate Maddison and Van Nong from Chrysalis Arts to compliment the refurbishment of Lord Street Gardens by Sefton Council. The Gardens were originally designed by Thomas Mawson, a renowned landscape architect of the arts and crafts movement and retain many of their original features. 


The Nautilus, a sea creature described as ‘a living fossil’ has inspired many artists with its spiral shell form. Kate Maddison who originally conceived the idea states “the creature portrays beauty and has required the dedicated work of a team of skilled crafts men and women to build and install it. The Nautilus optimises longevity, having remained unchanged for thousands of years which is very reassuring when concerns over the future effects of climate change dominate our consciousness”

The illuminated water sculpture of a Nautilus is made from stainless steel, granite sett paving and pebble mosaic, and is sited between the North Gardens on Lord Street. The gradient of the site adds to the dramatic effect of the sculpture that can be seen easily from Lord Street. The stainless steel Nautilus shell rises from the surrounding paving and is illuminated at night with subtle coloured LED lighting that gradually change over time. The sculpture is animated with water that flows from the Nautilus eye and fans out over the pebble mosaic tentacles.

Chrysalis Arts designed the Nautilus, Trapp Forge from Burnley built the stainless steel sculpture, Janette Ireland of Mosaicart created the pebble mosaic tentacles, Joao Carrilho from Southport laid the Nautilus shell paving in granite setts, NJO from Kendal supplied the LED lighting and Water Sculptures from Morecambe provided water expertise and installed the mechanism.


New artwork seats and benches have been created for Lord Street in hand-forged stainless steel. Scroll curves and wave forms combine with Nautilus, Sun and Mermaid themes. The individual seats and benches are specially designed for their locations.

The Nautilus Seats have an enamelled image of the Nautilus on each seat back. The Nautilus seats are located near the Illuminated Nautilus Water Sculpture in the North Gardens.

The Shrimper’s Seats have 2 enamelled historic images of Southport men and women shrimping. The Shrimper’s seats are located near the community mosaic in the North Gardens.

The Mermaid Seats each have a mermaids tail depicted on the arm rests and the seats are positioned around the newly refurbished mermaid fountain in St Georges Gardens.

The Sun Benches are curved to fit around the historic sun-dial also located in St Georges Gardens and have the image of a sun depicted on the arm rests.


The Community Mosaic is a circular paved area in the North Gardens that was designed and created with local residents who attended a series of community mosaic workshops held in Southport, working with mosaic artist Janette Ireland and Van Nong of Chrysalis Arts. The design features a series of circular images of Southport life and history that flow from a Nautilus shell on a sweeping parquet background.

Project & Date: Lord Street Artworks 2008 – 2009
Location: Lord Street, Southport, Lancashire, PO9 0AW
Commissioned by Sefton Council
Artists: Kate Maddison, Van Nong Chrysalis Arts
Manufacture & Installation by Trapp Forge, Janette Ireland, Joao Carrilho, NJO LEDs, Water Sculptures of Morcambe
Photos by Kate Maddison & Balfour Beatty