Chrysalis Arts was commissioned by Leeds City Council in consultation with Little London Arts, to create a new community artwork for the Lovell Hill Park entrance to the ‘Lovells’ housing estate near the city centre. The metalwork design is by Kate Maddison and is based on ideas developed in community workshops by locally based artist Hannah Carey.

The artwork consists of six low relief panels that make up one composition based on interpretations and variations of the letters that spell LOVELLS, the local name for the estate, and a spiral motif. There is an owl character derived from the Lovells letters that animates the artwork and evokes the heraldic owl symbol for leeds.

The artwork  is located at a prominent junction to catch the eye of passersby and people walking to and from the Lovells estate. The artwork continues along the footpath to Lovell Park Towers with a series of individual letters and characters on railing posts. The community artwork was developed over a three year period, and manufactured and installed by Trapp Forge on site in June 2017.

Project & Date: Lovells Community Artwork 2014-2017
Location: Lovell Park Hill, Leeds, LS2 1DR
Commissioned by Leeds City Council
Lead artist: Kate Maddison, Chrysalis Arts
Other artists: Hannah Carey, Little London Arts
Artwork Manufacture by Trapp Forge
Photos by Kate Maddison