New Milton Performance Pavilion

The Performance Pavilion is an original design by Kate Maddison of Chrysalis Arts that was commissioned by New Forest District Council and created in collaboration with blacksmith/ fabricators Chris Brammall Ltd and the Council’s landscape architects.

The Pavilion is a spectacular and elegant structure providing a covered performance space at a raised level to the surrounding recreation park with new landscaping and paths to improve access and enhance this dramatic amenity. It provides a facility for seasonal performance, music, drama, dance, shows, exhibitions, outdoor gym classes, cultural events, and is a permanent park shelter and meeting point.

The Pavilion structure has the geometry of an eight-meter square over-laid on an eight-meter diameter circle. The square roof arches in two directions, the resulting shape is reminiscent of a leaping manta ray with two raised and two lowered corners. The raised convex curves of the pavilion create two natural focal points in opposite directions allowing directional performance either side. The design is inspired by New Milton’s close proximity to the sea and appears like a Giant Manta Ray to have leapt from the sea, this metaphor is reflected in the landscape surrounding the pavilion. The concept design by Kate Maddison was proposed by Chrysalis Arts and selected through a design competition. It was manufactured and installed by specialist metalwork company Chris Brammall Ltd. The pavilion was commissioned by New Forest District Council on behalf of New Milton Town Council.

Project & Date: Performance Pavilion 2012 – 2013
Location: New Milton, Hampshire
Commissioned by New Forest District Council and New Milton Town Council
Project development by Neil Williamson NFDC
Lead artist: Kate Maddison, Chrysalis Arts
Other designers: Chris Brammall, Claire Penny NFDC
Manufacture & Installation by Chris Brammall Ltd
Landscape by The Landscape Group
Photos by Kate Maddison & Michael Angus