Pergola & Spiral


Kate Maddison is working with Sessay based Ben Chester Traditional Crafts to create a Pergola and Spiral Artwork for a new Public Realm Space, commissioned by Aldi Stores for its new supermarket on Topcliffe Road, Sowerby, North Yorkshire.

The Pergola based on the geometry of a circle and a square that form a strong and attractive structure. It will be made of locally sourced Oak and Larch and frames the space like the portal effect of a group of trees marking the pedestrian and cycle route.

The Spiral links with the Pergola and the nearby Sowerby Sun and expresses the same ‘Circles of Sustainability’ theme of the roundabout artwork. Its accessible position offers an opportunity for people to explore its shape and sit on it. The spiral form of the oak wood slats echo the spiral design of the Sowerby Sun and all three artworks will be within sight of each other.