Spiral & Pergola News

Spiral and Pergola, new public artworks by Chrysalis Arts for Sowerby, have been installed at the public realm space to the north end of Aldi on Topcliffe Road, Sowerby near Thirsk. An Open Day Event on Saturday 4th November celebrated the opening of this new public amenity.

Spiral represents a fragment of time moving forward in its cyclical passage to the future. The eight metre long flowing sculpture is made of about eighty oak slabs laid side by side. Standing vertically at each end, they twist horizontally at the centre where a lowered section forms a platform to rest on.

Pergola has a geometric roof that rises and falls, echoing Spiral’s wave motion and is placed over a circular ground finish, aligned with Spiral. Made of locally sourced oak and larch wood, Pergola frames the Aldi Public Realm Space, a social meeting point and marks the new Cycle and Pedestrian path like the portal effect of a group of trees, a traditional way to mark a route.

Spiral and Pergola Open Day Event was a great success; Thirsk Community Woodland Group and local families made bird, bat and insect boxes, there was a chance for the public to talk to artist Kate Maddison of Chrysalis Arts who designed the Spiral and Pergola and meet Sessay based Ben Chester whose artisan company Ben Chester Traditional Crafts Ltd hand-built the artwork from regionally sourced wood. The larch beams and green oak posts are from local estates and milled in Ampleforth, with steel nodes and post bases fabricated in Dalton. The wood will weather to natural silver grey, a similar colour to the galvanised steelwork, and will last for many years.