Sowerby Art Map

Sowerby Art Map 2017 A4

Free Art Trail Map (click above) to find and identify seventeen Art Waymarkers at Sowerby designed by Kate Maddison and made by artisan blacksmiths Little Newsham Forge and featuring bronze discs cast from ten patterns made by Thirsk School Pupils inspired by the natural elemental forces of; Fire, Earth, Air Water, Culture.

The Public Artworks at Sowerby celebrate the aspiration for a sustainable future and reflect local heritage.  Located near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 3HF, this growing collection includes: Spiral & Pergola at Aldi Public Realm Space on Topcliffe Road, the acorn sculpture ‘Cherish Life’ and the community carved ‘Sowerby Stones’ on the grassed area off Topcliffe Road near Gravel Hole Lane and seventeen Art Waymarkers that mark the pedestrian paths through the new housing estate. This is part of Hambleton District Council’s Public Art Strategy.