Tonge Fold

Chrysalis Arts was commissioned by East Bolton Regeneration to create artworks for Tonge Fold as part of their Local Centre Improvement Programme completed in June 2005. Artists Kate Maddison, Van Nong and Helen Turner actively involved community representatives in a consultation and design process and worked collaboratively with Officers from EBR, including engineers from the Highways and Lighting Departments.

The project created two artworks; a free-standing stainless steel illuminated sculpture and artwork on an existing chapel wall. The ‘Two Rivers’ sculpture was fabricated by Richard Hill and represents the meeting of two rivers around an oak leaf and includes LED lighting with a 24 minute cycle colour change programme representing the four seasons.

The artwork on the adjacent chapel wall, fabricated by Trapp Forge and Bradley Engineering, was also themed on the oak leaf and two rivers and incorporated references to Tonge Fold’s history including local counter-pane designs and the chapel’s architectural detail.

 Project & Date: Two Rivers Sculpture and Chapel Wall Artwork 2005
Location: Tonge Fold, East Bolton
Commissioned by East Bolton Regeneration
Lead artist: Kate Maddison, Chrysalis Arts
Other artists: Van Nong, Helen Turner
Two Rivers Sculpture Manufacture by Richard Hill
Chapel Wall Artwork Manufacture by Trapp Forge and Bradley Engineering
Photos by Kate Maddison